Ongoing Pain Keeping You From Summer Activities?

son and daughter fishing enjoying summer activities

If you’re one of millions of people who suffer from ongoing pain in your neck, back, joints and other areas of your body, then you most likely feel the frustration of being told the x-rays show nothing wrong, your blood work looks fine, and a script for pain relievers should fix you right up.

Ongoing pain could mean:

  1. arthritis
  2. TMJ
  3. fibromyalgia
  4. stressed joints
  5. inflammation from repetitive motion
  6. muscle spasms from stress at your job
  7. a type of food causing inflammation

But, ongoing pain should not be the reason you’re staying indoors this summer! Getting the proper diagnosis is vital to treatment and healing. Rather than mask the problem with compound pain killers, we offer a solution that is noninvasive. Our noninvasive diagnostic testing is designed to analyze what your body is telling you. Based on these findings, a non-surgical pain relief treatment plan can be designed specifically for YOUR body’s needs.

These treatments might include:

  • Spinal adjustment using instruments. Our innovative adjusting instrument applies a controlled, yet gentle amount of force to your spine so the realignment process is smooth, without the popping and cracking you feel with conventional spinal realignment. It’s safe and effective for all ages who suffer from a variety of conditions.
  • Massage therapy.  This therapy helps to decrease stress, detoxify the body, and improve blood flow within the body. Studies show that massage elevates mood, stimulates a sense of well-being and can be effective as pain relief for those with osteoporosis or fibromyalgia.
  • Nutrition consultation.  We understand the American struggle with food! But, it’s not just about how much food you eat, but also what type of foods you eat. Our doctors can help identify which foods contribute to inflammation, pain, and weight gain within YOUR body.

Our highly qualified and caring team is ready to start you on a noninvasive treatment plan specifically designed to get you to a happier, healthier YOU this summer.