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Welcome to our media page, where you can discover the impactful television appearances of Dr. Deb Schreibman, a leading voice in holistic health and wellness. Whether you're seeking advice on managing a specific health condition or interested in learning more about preventive wellness strategies, our video collection is an excellent resource.

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As the co-founder of Lake Pointe Wellness Center, Dr. Schreibman is dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve optimal health through natural, integrative approaches. Through her television appearances, she shares her extensive knowledge and passion for wellness, offering practical advice and insights into living a healthier, more balanced life. She has spoken on topics such as functional medicine, chiropractic care to hygiene and the flu.

ABC Chicago 7

In this segment on ABC 7 Chicago, Dr. Deb Schreibman shares her expertise on staying healthy throughout the flu season with comprehensive tips. Highlighting preventative measures, she offers insights into how individuals can fortify their defenses against seasonal ailments.

Daytime Blue Ridge

In this appearance on Daytime Blue Ridge, Dr. Deb Schreibman shares valuable insights on improving sleep quality, focusing on three common bedtime mistakes to avoid. Her holistic approach to health provides viewers with practical advice to enhance their nighttime routines.

Daytime Blue Ridge

During this appearance on Daytime Blue Ridge, Dr. Deb Schreibman shared essential tips on keeping families healthy during the cold and flu season. She emphasizes the importance of preventative measures, such as proper hygiene and nutrition, to bolster immunity.

ABC Reno 411

In this segment on ABC Reno 411, Dr. Deb Schreibman shares invaluable tips for navigating the flu season effectively. She highlights key preventative measures and strategies to enhance immunity, aiming to help viewers safeguard their health during peak flu periods.

Great Day Tampa Bay

During this appearance on Great Day Tampa Bay, Dr. Deb Schreibman emphasizes the importance of hand washing as a crucial defense against the flu. She shares detailed tips on effective hand washing techniques to maximize health benefits during the flu season.

GoodDay Sacramento

In this appearance on GoodDay Sacramento, Dr. Deb Schreibman shares vital hygiene tips to help viewers stay healthy during flu season. Her segment focuses on simple yet effective practices, including the correct way to wash hands and the importance of regular sanitization in preventing flu transmission.

Daily Flash

In this segment on Daily Flash, Dr. Deb Schreibman shares her expertise on holistic approaches to flu season, emphasizing natural and preventative measures to boost immunity. She offered insights into the benefits of nutrition, stress management, and essential wellness practices tailored to fend off the flu.

GoodDay New Mexico

In this segment on GoodDay New Mexico, Dr. Deb Schreibman addresses the common concern of over-washing hands during flu season. She provides expert advice on maintaining hand hygiene without compromising skin health, balancing effective germ prevention with care.

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