7 Things To Know About Your Muscles

2 men and a woman working out their muscles
Your muscles are a series of interconnected, complex tissues that are full of protein filaments of actin and myosin, that also enable you to blast away calories and fat for a healthy lifestyle. So, in order to yield the best results from your exercise routines, you must know how your muscles work.

1. Muscles can be almost 70% water.

Why is this important? Because staying sufficiently hydrated is important in building muscles. Never skimp on water. Your entire body needs it.

2. Nearly 40% of your body weight is muscle.

If you’re concerned about your weight, consider how much mass your muscle is taking up before standing on the scale.

3. You can burn up to 50% of your extra calories for every pound of muscle.

So, when you stand on the scale, reconsider that number for just a second. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Remember to keep your goals realistic.

4. Heavier weights doesn’t mean stronger muscles.

A huge misconception. If you want strength, mastering good form is foremost. Stronger muscles come later.

5. While targeted weight loss may not be possible, spot toning is.

Simply work on the areas you want to focus on, and it’ll happen.

6. How many different muscles does it take to step? 200.

Beginning with your hamstrings and quads, then moving to your iliacus, and psoas major and minor. Simply amazing. Find ways to take extra steps everyday. 10,000 steps is the equal to about 4 miles. Try to get in those 10,000 steps in everyday to keep your body burning calories continuously.

7. Muscle memory is very real.

Though some people still think the idea sounds like science fiction, jumping back into a routine after going cold for a while doesn’t take long. Just a few warm-ups, and your body is ready to go.

Are You Ready To Get The Most From Your Muscles?

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