Everything You Need to Know About Functional Medicine

Have you ever been afraid to go to your practitioner because you have been told before that it was all in your head? Many individuals have left the doctor’s office feeling hopeless because the pain and issues they feel are real and there are no answers. There is now a new way practitioners are helping the people who seek them for answers. Functional medicine is a completely different view of practicing medicine. For you, this means real answers to your health issues.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a form of alternative medicine that seeks to find the root of one’s problem(s). Functional medicine does not only treat the symptoms or individual parts and organs; it treats the body as a whole. The focus of future medicine is switching from a disease-centered focus to a patient-centered approach. This is great news for those patients who have mystery problems such as chronic pain. Practitioners spend more time with the patients to learn the whole story of each person. This way, practitioners understand what the patients are feeling, determine the patients’ medical history, and examine the patient’s body.

Get Rid of Conventional Medicine and Find a Practitioner who Practices Functional Medicine

Most people have seen a practitioner at some point in their lives, so most people know the standard routine of a doctor visit. You make an appointment, fill out yes or no questionnaires, spend a brief visit with the practitioner, maybe get some labs drawn, and then the practitioner finds a solution to your ailment. Unfortunately, the solution may not always solve the problem. A practitioner who practices functional medicine focuses on treating the whole person and will help you find the answers.

Functional Medicine is the New and Improved Way

A practitioner’s view of functional medicine starts with a shift in philosophy through every step of medical care. Your functional medicine practitioner will sit down with you and talk about everything that is causing you pain. Your practitioner will use your medical history, your genetics, your environment, and lifestyle to determine what is causing your problems. A practitioner that practices functional medicine will not look at you as a patient, but an individual with your own health issues. The practitioner will next look at all your complaints and find the least common denominator. This will allow the practitioner to find the root of all your complaints. Finding the root will allow the practitioner to help you find the correct way to diagnose and treat you.

Functional medicine is the future of medicine which is going to help thousands of sick individuals. You no longer will have to go see your practitioner with the fear of being told it is all in your head and being diagnosed with the wrong diagnoses. You will have a practitioner who will sit down to get to know you and your health problems, and who will work with you until you are healthy again. Functional medicine will change medicine for the world.