What Happens When You See a Chiropractor

There are many reasons to go see a chiropractor, but some more serious than others. During pregnancy, babies can push in places that pinch the mother’s nerves that cause pain. After an accident, you may feel fine until a week later when your back and neck are sore. Sometimes, you have mystery pains that are hurting your back and neck. These complaints all happen often, and a chiropractor can help with each one.

Fill Out the Chiropractor’s Questionnaire

You must fill out these questionnaires before seeing the chiropractor. Chiropractor offices can send it in the mail or have it available online to download and print. You often have the choice to fill it out at home or arrive early to your appointment to do it there. However, sometimes these questionnaires can take quite some time to fill out. The questions help your chiropractor figure out what it is causing your complaints. Your chiropractor will refer to your questionnaires throughout the healing process to make you healthy again.

The Chiropractor Will Take Your Measurements

During this part of the exam, there will be many tests to closely see your body’s entire nervous system. The chiropractor will make note of your weight and height. Often, a patient’s posture will improve and the height measurements will change. Your chiropractor will use computerized measurements to go over your spine to see different parts of it and the areas around it. An example is a thermography, which will measure your skin temperature and each spinal segment. If a difference in temperature is on one segment side, but not the other, then there is a blood vessel dilation. The autonomic nerve is the nerve that controls the blood temperature as well as other organs. The levels that the chiropractor finds unbalance can help find an underlining reason for your pain.

What the Chiropractor Will Check During the Exam

The chiropractor will begin checking for excessive passive tension. The check will start down your spine where the chiropractor is looking for springiness. In spots where your spine has tension, your spine will feel hard and guarded. Your chiropractor will then move to checking your muscles, checking for tension. You should feel and understand your troubled area so when you are healthy again, you, yourself, can feel the difference. One of the many odd-sounding things that chiropractors see is uneven legs. One leg may appear short than the other, but your chiropractor will explain that it is likely because of tension from the upper body parts pulling the leg.

After the Exam

Once your chiropractor has collected all data needed and has reviewed it, he or she will go over the results with you, usually at the next appointment. Your chiropractor will go over the adjustments that will be performed and stretches you should do at home to heal. He or she will teach you how to stretch without hurting yourself and educate you through the entire appointment. The chiropractor will then manually stretch your body and do the adjustments. Once the adjustments are over, you should feel some relief.

Tension is painful no matter where it comes from and can ruin your enjoyment from day to day. Chiropractors have helped many in need. A chiropractor can help pregnant women who have gotten stuck from the baby moving into a certain spot. Chiropractors have helped many men and women who have been in horrible car accidents and can barely walk after. The process of chiropractic help is tedious, but worth it once you are feeling much better.