Why Are You Tired All The Time?


It’s a question many people ask themselves. Either we struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep, or wake up feeling haggard in the mornings. Most people turn to pharmaceutical solutions only to encounter more problems down the road due to side effects and unforeseen issues. If sleep is a natural process of the body, there must be a natural solution.


Most of the time, insomnia is actually caused by a disruption in the function of your adrenal glands. One of the hormones your adrenal glands produce is cortisol. Since sleep is a natural function of the body, there must be a natural solution. Your cortisol levels should be high during the day, giving you lots of energy. Then, levels should decrease as the sun sets and you prepare for bed, staying low throughout the night to give you a full night’s rest.


There are many things that can affect your adrenal glands, including:

  • Emotional Stresses
  • Physical Stresses
  • Chemical Stresses


Emotional Stresses

Has there been a change or shift in your personal relationships recently? Are you facing a new obstacle or environment? Are you recovering from a loss? Did you just get a new job?  Did you just have a baby? An emotional impact on our physical health is often overlooked when it comes to deducting what’s wrong with one’s wellness and mobility. It’s important to remember that your emotions are some of the strongest factors that play into your day-to-day activity. Emotions also affect your body’s reactions internally.


Physical Stresses

Has your level of movement and activity changed recently? Maybe you used to work retail on your feet for 8-10 hours a day, and now you’re sitting at a desk? Or vice versa? Maybe you decided this year would be the year to run that 10K, or you ran that 10K and you’re recovering from an injury? Most people don’t understand how interconnected the body can be. New sensations throughout the body – heightened physical activity, pain from an injury, etc. – can affect internal processes that seem unconnected, such as sleep cycles, appetite, and more.


Chemical Stresses

These are the hidden factors often missed by routine tests that don’t check for common chronic imbalances. You can’t receive a positive result if you never run the test in the first place. I see patients complaining about these symptoms, and they never think to ask about chemical imbalances with previously clear test results. Always be open to the possibility that something is disrupted beneath the surface.


How do I narrow down the cause of my stress?

See a practitioner of the functional approach to medicine who can run these tests for you. We can determine exactly what it is that is causing you to have sleep issues. By sitting down and reviewing different types of stress in your life, we can ascertain exactly what it is that’s causing you to lose your rest and sleep. You can schedule an initial consultation to learn the differences between the conventional approach and the functional approach to medicine, the types of tests we would run to determine your ailment, and more. It’s a great way to see how a natural solution can solve your sleep problems and avoid the potentially harsher, dangerous side effects of a medicine-only solution.


Did you know?

A large majority of people struggling with heavy fatigue, lack of energy and reduced mental focus actually suffer from undiagnosed disorders, including thyroid disease, diabetes and hormone imbalance. Vast majorities of people make major improvements to their symptoms and overall health with the noninvasive tests available to diagnose chronic conditions. I offer many options for noninvasive testing to help those struggling with fatigue and other debilitating symptoms.


My goal at Lake Pointe Wellness Center is to help my patients take control of their health. There are solutions to your sleep issues. Your energy is not lost forever. You can lose that stubborn weight. You can get your life back.


– Dr. Deb


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