Thermography Screening is Back at Lake Pointe

According to the National Cancer Institute, 12.4 percent of women born in the United States today will develop breast cancer at some time during their lives1. But now, there is a different way to screen for breast cancer that is painless, effective for all breast sizes and has a 3-5 year ealier detection for active cancer cells.

Thermographic Breast Screening

  • It’s Safe, Easy and Pain FREE!
  • No radiation exposure – FDA registered
  • No compression of breast tissue
  • Detects changes in tissue from the smallest of tumors
  • Provides information about inflammatory beast cancer and fibrocystic activity
  • Safe and Effect for breast implants
  • Useful for evaluation chest wall after breast surgery
  • Effective for all breast sizes
  • Creates Opportunity for early intervention

We’re offering Thermography Screenings at Lake Pointe on August 27, 2015. To schedule your appointment, please call 770- 974-5215.

Thermographic Breast Screening


1. What exactly is thermography?
A. Thermography is a non-invasive screening that maps your individual ‘thermal fingerprint’. This fingerprint is unique to you and does not change over time unless there is a disruption, disease or pathology. The scan is done without ANY pain, radiation or compression.

2. How Does Thermography benefit me?
A. A qualified medical doctor closely monitors your images for any subtle changes that can indicate early stage breast disease. This offers you the opportunity to act quickly to resolve any issues.

3. How is Thermography different from other breast exam tests?
A. X-rays, mammography, MRI and ultrasound exams monitor the structure of your breasts. However, thermography monitors the function of your breasts. It is 3-5 years more sensitive which enables any changes to be spotted before the recognition of structural testing. Extensive clinical trial have shown that breast thermography significantly augments the long term survival rates of its recipients by as much as 61%. When used as multimodal approach (clinical exam + mammography + thermography ), 95% of early stage cancers will be detected.

4. How long does it take?
A. 30 minutes for breast scan. Arrive 10 minutes before your appointment for paperwork. No deodorant, perfumes or lotions on breast or armpit regions. No massage, chiropractic adjustments or vigorous exercise before appointment.

5. Who will perform the thermography?
A. Janique Cook or Angelique Scibetta of Mobile Thermographic Imaging are certified Clinical Thermographers. They have 8 combined years of thermography training and obtained their certifications through Meditherm, a highly respected leader in Thermal Imaging. They will conduct your screening.

I’m Skeptical. Does it really work?

1. Spitalier & Associates used thermography to screen 61,000 women over a 10 year period. They found that 91% of non-palpable cancers were detected by infrared imaging, and that of all the patients with cancer, thermography was the first indicator of the disease in 60% of the cases.

Spitalier, H., Giraud, D. et al. “Does Infrared Thermography Truly Have a Role in Present Day Breast Cancer Management?” Biomedical Thermology pp.269-278, 1982
Spitalier and associates screened 61,000 women using thermography over a 10 year period. The false negative and positive rate was found to be 11% (89% sensitivity and specificity). 91% of the non-palpable cancers (T0 rating) were detected by thermography. Of all the patients with cancer, thermography alone was the first alarm in 60% of cases. The authors noted “in patients having no clinical or radiographic suspicion of malignancy, a persistent abnormal breast thermogram represents the highest known risk factor for the future development of breast cancer

Yes, I want to get breast thermography. To schedule your appointment at Lake Pointe Chiropractic, please call 770- 974-5215. 

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