The Benefits of Spinal Decompression

If you are thinking about spinal surgery, you should consider spinal decompression therapy first. Spinal decompression involves laying on a table and allowing it to stretch out your back, which relieves the pressure on pinched nerves of the spinal column. Here are a few benefits of spinal decompression:

Reverse Damage Caused by Poor Posture

Many of us have a tendency of using poor posture which can cause damage to our spinal discs. Sitting up straight and having good posture gives the discs room that allows for fluid and oxygen circulation. However, poor posture puts pressure on these discs and can cut off the circulation of fluid and oxygen. Spinal decompression takes the pressure off the discs and allows for more circulation. Over time, this can reverse the damage that years of poor posture can do to your spine.

Improve Degenerative Disc Disease

Just like everything else, our spines age as we do. Degenerative disc disease occurs when the discs in our spine naturally lose their elasticity. Furthermore, gravity plays a part in this process as well. Our spines also have a hard time holding fluid because gravity pulls on your spinal bones and makes it difficult for the disc to take in the fluid.

By pulling these bones apart, spinal decompression can help. Once the pressure has been removed, your spine is able to more easily absorb the fluid needed to cushion your spinal discs.

Treats Bulging or Herniated Discs

Poor posture, degenerative disc disease and back injury can all lead to bulging discs, in addition to other things. The outer walls of your spinal discs begin to lose their structural integrity and bulge out when the discs are put under pressure by the bones of your back without any relief. If the pressure continues to increase, the wall can burst completely which is what causes herniated discs.

Spinal decompression can relieve the pressure on the discs and also reduce bulging. If you have suffered from a herniated disc, spinal decompression can relieve pressure and allow them to heal naturally. Additionally, spinal decompression therapy is a safe alternative to spinal surgery and should actually be considered before surgery because the effects of surgery are permanent.

Relieves Neck and Back Pain

There are many things that cause neck and back pain, including poor posture, injury and physical exercise. No matter what is causing your pain, spinal decompression is a safe way to relieve the pain you are experiencing. This can be a result of your spine straightening out, being able to heal naturally and the relief of pressure on the nerves of your spinal column. Additionally, spinal decompression can reduce the strain on your muscles and improve your posture.

There are many benefits of spinal decompression therapy, and several reasons why you should consider it before committing to spinal surgery. Spinal decompression can help to relieve neck and back pain, in addition to improving posture, treating bulging or herniated discs and improving degenerative disc disease. Additionally, therapy can reverse the affects caused by years of poor posture. To learn more about the benefits of spinal decompression, visit Lake Pointe Chiro.