Shopping for Healthy Foods and Weight Loss

plate of Healthy Food

Wouldn’t it be great if you could afford a professional live-in chef and a refrigerator full of organic, non-G.M.O. foods that are geared toward helping you on your weight loss path? Of course it would–and perhaps you can afford that–but what about those who cannot? What about those who want to make lifestyle changes but find it difficult to give up the bargain of prepackaged foods?

If you’ve been on diet program after diet program, only to find that the results don’t stick, finding the motivation to eat healthily can feel impossible–especially when organic markets charge so much more for foods than most standard grocery or convenience stores. Here are three ways you can shop that will make a healthy impact on your lifestyle without making a negative impact on your wallet:

  • Search for and attend local farmer’s markets.Often you can buy vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and baked goods for less money than at the grocery store–and it comes fresh from the farm! Not only will you benefit from healthy, affordable options, but you’ll be supporting local agriculture.
  • Shop the sides of the grocery store and avoid the middle as much as possible.The middle is where all of the prepackaged, chemical-filled foods are. Stick to the produce, deli, butcher, seafood, and dairy departments (usually located on the sides and/or back of the store) to avoid tempting, sugary items. (There are some exceptions to this, particularly if you buy cleaning and personal care products at your grocery store.)
  • Cook your own meals.One of the best ways to eat more healthily is to prepare your own food from scratch. What do you do if you work six days a week and have kids to raise? What if you’re a single parent and can’t afford a babysitter? You could invite friends and cook together (while your kids play). You could take on a “parent’s helper” (someone who wants to babysit but is on the young side, who will play with your kids while you cook for a reasonable rate). You could cook one afternoon a week, and prepare meals in advance and freeze them.

The bottom line is that there are affordable ways to enjoy a healthy diet without breaking the bank. Contact us to learn about other steps you can take to live a healthier, holistic lifestyle.