Muscle Tension Causing Aching Pains?

muscle tension sore back

Muscle tension may be causing your constant pain in your back,  neck and shoulders. Muscular tension, which places extra stresses on the spine, stretches the ligaments, and distorts body posture can cause back problems. And, for many days, weeks and months, it’s easy to just go around carrying this muscle tension that leads to terrible back ache. But, chiropractors use treatment techniques that alleviate these muscle tension aches.

Techniques For Pain Relief

Chiropractic Adjustment – a form of manipulation that consists of a sudden, short controlled thrust against a joint to extend the range of the joint capsule and surrounding tissues. You may even hear a popping sound during this procedure, but it is completely beneficial and harmless. In fact, if you hate the popping sound, we have a machine that can be a substitute singulair for asthma

Massage Therapy – applying heat/ice, and/or kneading to relax their patient’s muscle before a manipulation; to release trigger points; or to lengthen tendons and muscles.

In massage therapy, some chiropractors may practice myofascial release or trigger point therapy. A chiropractor/massage therapist can detect inflexible areas by touch and relieve them through a myofascial release. A technique designed to stretch tightness through utilizing manual and stretching pressure. A professional can ease the tightness and free fascia ( connective tissue that surrounds most structures in the body- notably the muscles. In trigger point therapy, a chiropractor/massage (or physical) therapist focuses on the small area of muscle fibers (trigger points) that are prone to become spasms. They do this by locating the tender spot and releasing fibers that are in spasm.

Get Muscle Tension Relief

So, if you are seeking relief from muscle tension that is causing you back ache, neck aches, or shoulder pain, then it is time contact us.

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