Mobile Thermographic Imaging

Come and Learn the Bare Facts:
– No Pain
– No Radiation
– Non-Invasive
– FDA Registered
– No Compression
– Effectively and safely screens breast with implants
– Useful for evaluating chest wall after breast surgery
– Earliest Possible Detection which creates opportunities for early intervention
– Provides information about inflammatory breast cancer and fibrocystic activity
What is Thermography?  Thermography is a test of ‘function’ that detects abnormal changes in the body at a very early stage whereas screenings such as mammograms, ultrasounds, and MRIs are test of ‘structure’.  For this reason, thermography has been considered VERY EARLY detection of breast disease because the technology monitors the function of the breast tissue to detect abnormal changes even BEFORE a tumor can develop and be seen on other types of screenings which allows for the earliest possible intervention and prevention.

Breast thermography’s ability to detect a pre-cancerous state of the breast, or signs of cancer at an extremely early stage, lies on its unique capability of monitoring the temperature variations and blood vessel alterations produced by the earliest changes in tissue physiology. Some studies have shown a 95% to 97% accuracy rate in the detection of breast disease, minimal false positives and 2-5 years earlier detection than that of traditional forms of breast testing.  Further studies have shown a 61% increased survival rate when thermography is added to a woman’s regular breast health checkup.   With breast disease on the rise and health experts questioning the safety and effectiveness of traditional methods of breast testing, more women are seeking safer less invasive ways of monitoring their breast health. Thermography has become the answer for many women!