Massage Therapy for Cancer Patients

Cancer Patients

Although massage therapy was at one time contraindicated for cancer patients, the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine states a recent research trial of a multi-site study of more than 300 hospice patients with advanced cancer concluded that massage may help to benefit cancer patients.  Numerous benefits factor in to why cancer patients need massage too.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Can help lift depression
  • Can decrease fatigue
  • Promotes sleep
  • Better quality of life
  • Pain control

Cancer Patients Need To Feel Whole

Most times cancer patients are treated for their disease with drugs and radiation.  The focus is totally on destroying the cancer cells and controlling pain, and often the patient feels that is all they are- their disease.  Cancer patients need more than meds, they need to feel whole. Massage therapy can be a major factor in the overall well being of a person with cancer.

It’s Pain Control

Not only is massage a holistic and safe form of pain control, it is going to make the person feel better no matter what.  Those diagnosed with cancer are not only suffering physical effects of the disease and cancer treatments, they are often times really lacking in the need to just be recognized as a person.  The physical touch that comes from a knowledgeable and caring therapist can bridge that gap of isolation so often felt.  Sometimes those with a cancer diagnosis feel isolated as they think others are afraid to touch them for fear of “breaking them”, and the only touch they receive is in the form of treatments.

Before Getting a Massage…

It is important for someone with active cancer to check with their oncologist before getting a massage.  There are issues during cancer treatment (low platelets or radiation rash, for example) that may affect the type of massage allowed.  Often it is advised to wait a few days after a cancer treatment to let the body recover before a massage session. If it is a good option, then before getting a massage it is important to let the therapist know and discuss with them any fears or questions.  People with cancer often cannot tolerate deep pressure or long sessions or lots of rubbing.  A well-trained therapist will work with a client in deciding what method to use.

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