Drinking Alkaline Water to Improve Your Health

In the world of holistic healthcare, the quality of the water we drink doesn’t always get enough attention. While we all know about water impurities and water purifiers in our homes, the quality of water usually goes well beyond the debate over fluoride. The acidity of certain liquids and solids can create toxins in the body that ultimately create free radicals. These in turn cause cancer when too many get into our system. Toxins can also cause general malaise like fatigue, high blood pressure and Diabetes.

Is there a way to flush toxins out of our system?

Alkaline water is an option you should consider. And while the benefits of drinking it as a cancer treatment might be debated, the general health benefits can’t be denied. Here at Lake Pointe Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we use the Kangen Water System from Japan to help you create alkaline water right in your own home. This machine uses titanium plates and electricity to ionize your water to create the perfect balance of pH in your water. This can be adjusted to whatever levels you want depending on how many toxins might be in your body. Considering the lifestyle of those who don’t eat well, those toxins could be substantial.

Want To Try It For Free?
I believe in the health benefits of alkaline water so much that I’m willing to let you try it for yourself, at NO COST to you. I will supply you with kangen water for 30 days for free. Just call me, come in, bring a jug and fill it up!

It’s my gift to your continued health,
Dr Deb

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