Five Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

2 women performing a yoga pose

Too often when we think of losing weight, we think of fad diets, which don’t actually work, or extreme exercise routines that end up doing more harm to our bodies than good. So, what can we do if we find that we need to trim down, but want to do so in a nurturing way?

Yoga has been proven effective for weight loss, as well as, for a host of other ailment from diabetes to high blood pressure, to stress and anxiety. Here are five yoga poses that help with losing weight without putting a strain on your body.

Downward Dog

This classic yoga pose works all of your muscles, while giving you a chance to focus on your breath. As you try to reach your heels toward the ground, your internal organs will be working too, making this a full body endeavor.

One Legged King Pigeon

This standing pose is particularly useful for weight loss, because it takes a great deal of effort to balance on one leg. In addition, bending forward helps to work the abdominal muscles.

Shoulder Stand

Often called the panacea of yoga, this pose is great for almost any problem. Being upside down not only gives the practitioner a new way to look at the world, but it also allows the internal organs a chance to be stimulated in a way that promotes weight loss.

Triangle Pose

Triangle pose combines the benefits of a standing pose with that of a twist. Twisting is great for weight loss because it massages and strengthens the internal organs. Often twists can help in reducing inflammation as well.

Sun Salutations

Less of a pose and more of a sequence, sun salutations are the perfect combination of cardio and strength training in just a few moves. Try doing these facing the East, for an added dimension of wellness.

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