Five Ways Drinking More Water Boosts Your Health

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Water is the source of life. About two-thirds of the world you live in is made up of water, along with roughly 60 percent your body. It’s no wonder that water is so important to living a healthy lifestyle.

When you don’t drink adequate amounts of water, your body begins to shut down. This is known as dehydration. There are several ways that you might experience dehydration. Most notably, dehydration can occur during an illness where large amounts of fluid are lost. The symptoms often include muscle cramps, dry mouth, fatigue, headache, and dizziness. Drinking lots of water to rehydrate your body is important.

Drinking plenty of water before you get dehydrated is also important. However, water benefits your body by doing more than just keeping you hydrated. By drinking the right amounts of water you can boost your health, and live a healthy lifestyle. Let’s explore five ways drinking water can boost your health.

Kidney Function

Adequate water consumption is essential for healthy kidney function. The kidneys help regulate pH, salt, and potassium levels in the body, as well as remove waste, bacteria and other impurities from the body. Because they work to filter the fluid in your body, water plays a major role in how well they function. Without the right amounts of water, your kidneys begin to suffer. Some symptoms of this include kidney stones or a UTI. By increasing your water intake, you help your kidneys perform better, and improve your health.

Weight Loss

Increasing your daily water intake also helps to improve weight loss. Interestingly, water acts as a natural appetite suppressant when consumed half an hour before meals. It is best to drink cold water; this causes the body to burn additional energy as it heats the water to body temperature.

Prevent Constipation

If you find that you suffer from constipation, consider increasing your water intake. Daily water consumption has been known to prevent constipation. As mentioned earlier, constipation is a symptom of dehydration, and more commonly related to dehydration in the colon. When you don’t drink enough water and fluids, the colon pulls water from the stools, increasing your risk of constipation. When you stay properly hydrated, your colon pulls less water from your stools, making them soft and easy to pass.

Headaches and Migraines

Ample water intake can be a natural remedy for headaches and migraines for many people. Again, dehydration often causes headaches. It also has been identified as a major migraine trigger. Drinking more water throughout your day is a holistic approach to treating headaches and migraines. To beat headaches and help prevent migraines, stay hydrated throughout your day.

Brain Power

Surprisingly, your brain is comprised of mostly water. For this reason, many believe that even mild dehydration often leads to impaired memory. The amount of water you drink helps to improve your brain performance and function. Increasing your water intake during the day can give you the bonus you need to boost energy levels and avoid sleepiness during the day.

Water is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. It works as a holistic medicine to improve your kidney and colon function; it also helps to put a stop on headaches and migraines. By increasing your water intake, you can improve your brain power and even reach your weight loss goals. What are you waiting for? Drink plenty of refreshing water today.