Five Natural Remedies for Headaches

Natural Cure

When it comes to having headaches or migraines, your day can be ruined because of the pain they cause you. Sure, you can take over-the-counter products to relieve the pain but if the headaches or migraines keep coming back, there could be some underlying condition that is indicative that something is seriously wrong. First, you should see your chiropractor to find the main cause of the headaches before you try to treat them and eliminate the pain.

There are several medications you can take for headaches, such as over-the-counter meds like Tylenol or prescription drugs like Topomax, but they will just ease the pain for a little while and the headaches will keep coming back. Finding the root cause of the problem and then using holistic measures to eliminate the pain naturally is your best bet. Here are 5 natural remedies for headaches.

Lavender Oil

What can lavender oil do besides smell good? Using it can help relieve the pain caused by headaches naturally. There are two good ways to use lavender oil to get rid of the headaches. The best one is to inhale it. Why is this the best option? Because of how good it smells. It is recommended to use two to three drops of the oil for every two to three cups of boiling water. This natural oil can also be safely applied topically if this option suits you better.

Peppermint Oil

Since headaches and migraines are usually caused by reduced blood flow to the brain, peppermint oil can come to the rescue. This is because this oil can help control the blood flow in the body since it has vaso constricting as well as vaso dilating properties included in it. Inhaling this oil can help because of the above reasons and because it has soothing properties as well. Not only this, but it can even open up the sinuses which will allow more oxygen to get into your blood stream.

Basil Oil

This great smelling and great tasting herb is good as an oil to inhale because it acts as a muscle relaxer. Although used for a pizza topping in its herb form, when in its oil form, inhaling it can help relieve headaches caused by stress and tension.

Making Changes to Your Diet

One cause of headaches and migraines might be because of the food you are eating. Therefore, changing your diet might be able to help relieve the pain caused by headaches and maybe eliminate them altogether. There are some foods that trigger headaches and migraines and they include dairy products, chocolate, some fruits such as bananas and citrus fruits, as well as some meats, including hot dogs and even bacon. Watch out for the trigger foods you are eating and cut them out of your diet. Once you do this, you will see how the headaches and migraines might disappear altogether.


Some headaches and migraines are caused by inflammation. If this is the case, trying flaxseed in your food might help get rid of them altogether. This is because flaxseed it is a part of omega-3 fatty acids which helps reduce inflammation. You can use it in your food ground up or use it as an oil to inhale. Whatever you choose, these essential oils and dietary changes will help eliminate the headaches or migraines you are experiencing.

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