Chiropractic Care is Beneficial for Diabetes

diabetes chiropractic

Is it true that someone with diabetes might run to the chiropractor for help? The answer might surprise you. Research indicates that the answer is “yes”. Chiropractic care actually can help someone with diabetes, and this is the explanation of how that works. Insulin, which keeps sugar levels normal, is produced by the pancreas. If the nerves supplying the pancreas are disturbed, the pancreas may not function at optimal levels. Therefore, chiropractic adjustments to the part of the spine affecting the nerves which go to the pancreas can help improve the overall health of the patient.

A published study indicated positive effects of chiropractic care when added to the overall lifestyle changes of a patient. Exercise and nutritional guidelines were added as well. After one month, the patient’s glucose level normalized. His medical doctor, who had both diagnosed the diabetes and monitored the patient’s progress, said that insulin would not be necessary if the patient’s condition continued to remain stable.

The current estimate is that one out of three men and two out of three women will suffer from diabetes in the United States. Diabetes is becoming a worldwide epidemic. Information that it is treatable with diet, exercise, and chiropractic care is good news.

For example, when it comes to diet choices, it is becoming more well- known that white sugar and refined carbohydrates are bad for anyone, but especially someone with diabetes.  Instead, fresh vegetables, and quality meat are good menu choices.

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