Benefits of Massage Therapy for Seniors

elderly woman receiving massage therapy

Massage Therapy offers a myriad of benefits for the elderly, including relaxation, stress relief, increased circulation, softening of tight muscles, and pain relief.

Naturally, massage therapy for seniors must take the needs and limitations of aging bodies into account.  The American Massage Therapy Association offers tips on how seniors can get the most out of massage therapy, safely:

  • Tailor the treatment.  Because roughly 90% of elderly clients will have at least one chronic medical condition, it’s tremendously important to have an individualized treatment plan that takes these limitations into account.
  • Keep it short.  Elderly clients generally don’t need more than a thirty minute session, with plenty of deep breathing and gentle rocking.  The client can dictate the areas of the body that need the most attention.
  • Be safe.  With elderly clients, seated and supine positions are usually safest, and the fewer position changes involved, the better.  The client should be open and honest about their health and wellness, so that the masseuse can be as effective as possible.

When practiced with care and compassion, massage therapy can be tremendously beneficial for elderly clients, beyond the physical level.  The power of the human touch in forging a human connection cannot be underestimated; among seniors in particular, massage can ease feelings of isolation and instill a sense of nourishment.

And for patients of all ages, massage therapy is beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis pain.  In fact, according to the Arthritis Foundation, recent studies have shown that regular sessions of “simple therapy led to improvements in pain, stiffness, range of motion, hand grip strength and overall function of the joints.”

At Lake Pointe Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we consider our clients to be family, so that’s how we treat each and every one.

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