Are CoQ-10 and Fish Oil Necessary For A Healthy Lifestyle?

salmon Fish Oil

A healthy lifestyle always means a balanced combination of eating right and exercise, which is something we strive for here at Lake Pointe Chiropractic & Wellness Center. But while we approach helping people alleviate pain and other conditions with supplements, which ones are the most effective in helping solve the most problems? If you haven’t had enough CoQ-10 or fish oil in your life, then you’re missing out on perhaps the two most essential elements to fighting disease.

The Wonders of CoQ-10

There probably isn’t any other supplement in the world that has the most benefits for people, yet still isn’t known enough. Why CoQ-10 isn’t in every household is still a mystery, even if it’s better known now than it was a decade or two ago. Better known as Coenzyme Q-10, it’s an antioxidant that’s produced naturally in the body and helps keep your cells alive by removing free radicals. However, CoQ-10 can become depleted in cells that work harder, and it requires having supplements to help compensate.
Especially when we age, CoQ-10 can slowly disappear from our bodies. That’s why if you’re getting older, it’s nearly imperative that your body take in more of this antioxidant as a way to fight off disease. It’s even been long proven to be a strong preventative against cancer.

What can it do for existing conditions?

Here at Lake Pointe, we use CoQ-10 to help treat people with painful conditions such as migraines and headaches. We also use it to help reduce cholesterol and to aid in preventing memory loss. For the latter, some promise has been shown in CoQ-10 slowing down dementia and signs of Alzheimer’s Disease.
If you’re also pre-Diabetic or have Diabetes, we effectively use CoQ-10 to help lower your blood sugar for successful health improvement.

The Equal Wonders of Fish Oil

Everyone should know about the importance of fish oil and Omega-3’s. While it’s likely better known than CoQ-10 is, not everyone eats enough fish to gain the myriad health benefits of getting those Omega-3’s.If you only know about Omega-3’s in passing from use in the media, then you really should know a little more about them. They come in two varieties, called long chain and short chain. The former form is the kind found in fish, and the latter is found in plant-based foods like flax seed. It’s the long chain Omega-3’s that are the most effective and help everything from preventing cancer to controlling pain from arthritis.

In what areas do we use fish oil supplements to help certain conditions?

We use it to primarily help control cholesterol and high blood pressure in our clients. However, it’s sometimes used in combination with other supplements to bring a person back from the brink of broken health in a holistic way.

Let us show you the benefits of CoQ-10 and fish oil, along with many other supplements we use that guarantee the restoration of your health. Contact us so we can meet with you about our comprehensive health plans that can provide you a healthy and pain-free life.