5 Ways to Live A Healthy Lifestyle & Stay That Way

woman living a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can seem a mighty steep mountain to climb when first embarking on such an endeavor. We all envision this day when we follow this magical lifestyle plan that takes us from our current downtrodden and somewhat toxic state of physical and mental being, to this transcendent futuristic self full of optimism, energy, and broccoli. The truth is that a healthy lifestyle is possible for all of us to follow, but sometimes we just don’t know how to get started. The following are five ways you can begin to live healthy and stay that way:

  • Freshen Up – We all know that we have to eat better if we’re going to make a healthy change of life work, but an often overlooked factor in this equation is to not only eat better, but to eat fresher as well. Don’t go from pizza and egg foo young to all organic produce and tofurkey right away, but do gradually start to implement more organic and fresh ingredients, while slowly chipping away at some of the not-so-healthy stuff. After awhile of slowly substituting more and more processed foods for fresh ones, it will just become a way of life for you.
  • Just Do It – Even if your busy day doesn’t allow you satisfactory time to work out, you can still get active by walking or taking a bike instead of driving when possible. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park far away from the door. Get up and walk over to someone’s cubicle at work every now and then instead of always sending an email. Buy a pedometer and you’ll be surpassed at how many steps you amass by making these few subtle changes into an active routine.
  • Smell The Flowers – What good is a healthy lifestyle if you don’t take a few minutes to enjoy it every day. When you eat healthy, fresh food take some time to savor each bite and really notice the flavors and textures. When you’re outside concentrate on the way the warm sunshine feels on your face, smell the flowers, and enjoy a nice cool breeze. These sensations will all contribute to a healthy mind, which is just as important, if not more so, as a healthy body.
  • Detox – After you get use to eating fresher, start to incorporate more fiber in your diet. Think about some of the more beneficial varieties of tea. Explore natural herbs to give your body a sense of cleansing that could be very rewarding.
  • Relaxation – Make sure you get plenty of uninterrupted sleep. Another great way to relax your body and mind is through massage and meditation. If you’ve never experienced the many benefits that massage can offer a healthy body and mind, then you should contact your local massage therapist today to schedule an appointment. This can be a crucial part of your healthy living plan forever.

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