Replacing Coffee with Energizing Supplements

cup of coffee

Did you know caffeine is considered a pesticide? That buzz you enjoy after a cup of coffee, is caused by your red blood cells gasping for air.  Most people don’t know that caffeine temporarily limits your blood’s ability to carry oxygen. While coffee may shock you awake, it inevitably takes a toll on your system. Choosing coffee and energy drinks with high amounts of caffeine does little to improve your concentration or functional skills. Fortunately, there are other options, such as energizing supplements.

Holistic medicine depends a lot on whole body wellness, and one primary concern includes healthy eating. On top of healthy eating, however, you also need to consider healthy drinking. Many teas work as an alternative for your daily coffee habit, and without stressing your system with caffeine. Energizing supplements also help you focus better, move faster, and get more done than you ever could with coffee.


Vitamin B12

You may recognize this vitamin from the ingredient list of many popular energy drinks. Taking a full B12 supplement without the exhausting effects of caffeine gives you the enduring energy lift without the crash. Vitamin B12 is crucial for your metabolism. Since your metabolism controls not only your energy levels, but also your ability to process food, adding this supplement to your routine could have several related benefits.

Ginkgo Biloba

This supplement is used most commonly as a memory aid, but its effects go beyond assisting the elderly. For starters, ginkgo biloba boosts overall cognitive function. This makes you feel more awake and helps you focus on projects. This same supplement is an incredibly powerful antioxidant, which can help reverse the long term effects of coffee addiction. Ginkgo biloba improves blood flow, which gets oxygen to your brain and body faster.


Ginseng, another compound found in many energy drinks, has a long history as an energy supplement. For example, it reduces toxins and free-radicals.  In addition to this, it works to support your body’s natural ability to handle stress, anxiety, and physical exertion. Whether you struggle with mental or physical fatigue, ginseng can help. Some recent studies even suggest ginseng can combat chronic fatigue symptoms. It’s a tried and true energizing supplement.


This supplement helps just about everything. It supports brain, heart, muscle, and nervous system function. Moreover, it’s a great part of anyone’s routine, and women in particular benefit from magnesium supplements. By boosting heart and brain health, magnesium gives you more energy and superior concentration.

Coffee is a short term fix for what’s often a preexisting issue. Holistic medicine works to make you more alert by making you healthier. Remember, fatigue is almost always a symptom of bigger problems. Supplements address the gaps in many modern diets and offer a natural boost. Since these supplements have positive side effects rather than the negative drain created by caffeine, you should find yourself needing stimulants like coffee less and less. Wouldn’t it be great if your morning fix didn’t lead to an afternoon crash? Function better with a healthy brain and heart, healthy muscles, and a healthy nervous system.