Five Holistic Habits to Support Weight Loss

weight with measuring tape and apple on topHolistic medicine is all about healing by addressing the needs of the whole body rather than just the area that hurts, and few things boost your overall health like weight loss. Every treatment in holistic medicine has secondary benefits. Although weight loss is encouraged as treatment for many conditions, many other treatments help boost weight loss. Many treatments are as simple as basic, daily habits.

Spend Time in the Sun for Weight Loss

Spending a little more time in the great outdoors can be a great boost to your weight loss goals. Although it can be hard to force yourself outdoors during the frigid winter months, doctors concur that regular exposure to sunlight is essential for your health. This ties into weight loss several ways, but chief among these is serotonin. When you stay inside too long and fail to get enough sunshine, your body generates less serotonin. This promotes depression, limits your workout enthusiasm, and frequently leads to other health concerns. Sunlight also helps you feel full. Serotonin plays a part in this, but some doctors theorize that when your body is warm, you have less of an appetite, which can help you stick to a diet and make better food choice.

Stretch First Thing in the Morning

Weight loss requires regular exercise, but by starting your day off with a good stretch, you can get your body up, running, and burning calories faster. Regular stretching also helps reduce muscle aches, which hinder workout attempts. We’re often the most stiff when we first get out of bed. By practicing a brief yoga or Pilates routine before you start your day, you prep your body for the more vigorous activities on your schedule.

Drink Lots of Water

You’ve probably heard this one before, but we can’t stress how important it is. Water helps essentially every part of your body. The sensation of water in your belly can help you feel fuller, especially if you infuse your water with fruit, herbs, or vegetables. Water helps you process and expel sodium, which contributes to a surprising amount of unwanted pounds. By drinking enough water, you also help your digestive system perform at peak capacity, which allows your body to glean the most nutrition from your meals.

Take Your Supplements

Holistic medicine often relies on supplements and vitamins to combat disease and injury. By taking your prescribed supplements, however, you can not only stay healthy, but also trim down. If your body has all of the nutritional support it needs, it is less likely to generate cravings to fill the holes in your regular diet.

Schedule a Massage or Chiropractic Appointment

Even if you don’t feel any obvious pain, your body may be struggling with excess stress and blockages. Massage, chiropractic adjustments, and even acupuncture all help address these underlying issues. These processes jump start your system and help you process and perform more efficiently. This makes exercising easier and releases serotonin, the benefits of which we discussed above.

Weight loss can be hard, but holistic medicine can make it easier. Many treatments are free, but they can be just as potent as a prescribed weight loss pill. These simple habits can make a real difference in not only your weight, but your overall physical and mental health.