Study Finds Weight Loss is Harder for Younger Generations

thin woman standing next to a plus size woman

We hear about the dangers of obesity constantly in the media. Having excess weight can put you at risk for diabetes, cancer, and heart issues, just to name a few. This battle with the scale is nothing new, as people have been “dieting” for decades, but a new study shows weight loss may be much harder for the millennial generation than it was for older adults.

There is, apparently, more to it than simply burning more calories than you consume. Researchers from York University studied dietary habits of over 36,000 people between 1971 and 2008, and exercise routines of 14,400 people between 1988 and 2006. They found that a person who consumed the same amount of calories in 2006 as a similar person in 1988 would have a BMI 2.3 points higher. This could have been easily explained if people in 1988 were more active, but they also found that there is 120% increase in physical activity in the millennial generation, making the findings even harder to decipher.

So what is causing this weight gain if it isn’t eating too much or exercising too little? Scientists are only speculating, but some of the things they think may contribute are lack of sleep, medications that cause weight gain (such as antidepressants), environmental pollution, or a diet that has eliminated healthy biomes essential for efficient digestion.

While the answers are uncertain, what is clear is that it is much harder to lose weight than it was in the 80’s. Just putting on that Jane Fonda workout and slipping on those leg warmers isn’t going to cut it for this generation. Weight loss is much more complex and needs to consider more factors than just counting calories and regular exercise.

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