New Study : Pistachios For Health

Pistachio Study- Diabetes Health

Type 2 Diabetes affects a growing number of adults in this country. And, many American’s are considered pre-diabetics, meaning they have elevated blood sugar levels but are not quite to the point of earning the diabetes diagnosis. Beginning a healthy lifestyle can get things under control so that you don’t become someone who needs medication.

In a recent study, participants who incorporated eating 2 ounces of pistachios each day into their diet found significant drops in blood sugar and insulin levels.

They also were able to process glucose and insulin more efficiently, and achieved lower levels of inflammation.

Not a fan of pistachios? Similar studies have found benefits from other nuts such as almonds and walnuts, as their composition has a positive result on regulating insulin levels. Researchers recommend having a handful of nuts each day as a snack, without raising overall calorie intake.

A person who has been told by their doctor they are pre-diabetic can take steps to ensure the disease does not progress into Type 2 diabetes. This study recommends incorporating nuts into the diet, but assessing other nutritional factors, losing weight, and keeping active are all ways to silence the threat of diabetes.

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