What Is Decompression Therapy?

Are you or a loved one suffering from chronic pain or symptoms? If so, it might be time to consider decompression therapy. Chronic pain largely affects an individual’s everyday life by causing discomfort, decreasing mobility, and causing an overall inferior quality of life.

Decompression Therapy – What Is It?

Decompression therapy is a modern traction procedure that treats neck, back, leg, and arm pain. This non-surgical process has been successful in relieving pain and symptoms caused by spinal disc herniation, degenerative discs, and facet joint syndromes. Often referred to as spinal decompression therapy, this rehabilitation program treats mild to moderate pain and helps realign components of the spine.

How Does It Work?

By applying traction to the spine, pressure is relieved from pinched nerves. This results in a decrease of pain and symptoms caused by the disease or injury. Additionally, decompression therapy increases circulation to damaged spinal discs allowing them to heal naturally. Participating in this program can prevent the need for spinal surgery and also reduce compression of spinal nerve roots.

Sessions usually take between 30 to 45 minutes, and patients receive them daily for up to six weeks. The procedure takes place in a doctor’s office while the patient remains fully clothed. During the session, the patient will lie either face down or face up on a motorized table with a harness strapped around their hips. The upper part of the table remains in place while the lower half moves from side to side.

Decompression therapy usually consists of 15 to 30 treatments and can cost between $30 to $200 per session. Sessions may also include additional treatments during or after the procedure. These can include cold or heat therapy, electric stimulation, or ultrasound.

Is Decompression Therapy Right For You?

If you are experiencing chronic pain, decompression therapy may be able to help you regain control of your daily life. You should consider the program if you suffer from neck or back pain or sciatica, which is long-lasting pain, weakness, or tingling that extends down the leg. Decompression therapy may also be right for you if you have bulging, herniated, or degenerative spinal discs. It can also help treat worn spinal joints in addition to injured or diseased spinal nerve roots. However, decompression therapy is not recommended for patients who are elderly, pregnant, or obese. Also, patients with osteoporosis, advanced disc degeneration, and other musculoskeletal conditions are advised against this treatment.

If you or someone you know is living with chronic pain or symptoms, decompression therapy might be just what you’ve been looking for. This advanced procedure can make life easier by relieving pain and taking pressure off spinal discs. This can life changing for anyone suffering from chronic back, neck, arm, or leg pain. Talk to your doctor today to find out if this treatment is right for you, or visit www.lakepointchiro.com to learn more.