Four Holistic Approaches to Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss

Losing weight is difficult for many people to do. There is no shortage of fad diets and gimmicks on the market that promise to deliver results. The problem with these methods is that the results, if any, are almost always temporary. Most people find themselves in an endless cycle of trying to shed excess weight. Choosing a holistic approach to weight loss can help end the cycle of weight gain and weight loss.

Holistic medicine views a person as a whole being and gets to the root cause of issues instead of simply treating the symptoms. A healthy diet and regular exercise is what determines how much weight is lost. A holistic approach gets to the bottom of why you are not eating healthy or exercising on a regular basis, as well as helping you learn how to do both on a consistent basis.

Holistic Weight Loss

There are numerous methods you can use to lose weight through a holistic approach. Below are four to consider using in your weight loss program:


Using meditation can help you to become mindful of your feelings and recognize emotions that you may not have noticed before. For example, if you use food as a coping mechanism for dealing with emotional issues, becoming aware of this will help you notice when you are hungry and when you are not. It is a great way to begin addressing more serious issues affecting your eating and exercise habits.

Positive Affirmations

Our relationship to food is often a result of our past. Many parents used food as a way to control behavior. A good example of this is not letting a child leave the table until they have eaten everything on their plate or withholding dessert as a form of punishment. If you are dealing with past issues around food consumption, positive affirmations can help keep you on track. Positive phrases such as “I am in control of what I eat” or “I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle” can help begin improving your relationship with food.

Food and Fitness Journal

Keeping a journal is a great method for tracking your progress and making you aware of what you are feeling throughout the day. By writing down what you eat during the day, you will notice your eating patterns as well as what your emotions are during the times you do eat. Tracking your workouts will help you monitor your progress and determine whether you can push yourself on the next workout.


You can use visualization to imagine yourself at your ideal weight and fitness level. By imagining yourself eating healthy, exercising regularly, and having a positive outlook on it, you are more likely to continue taking the necessary actions to reach your goals.

The above methods are a great way to get started with achieving your weight loss goals. Remember, it is always best to consult with your health care provider before starting any new weight loss or fitness program. Your health care provider can help you create a program tailored specifically to your needs.

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