Four Ways to Make Your Workspace Work for You

Does your workspace help or hinder your overall wellness? If you work at a desk, it can be bad for your posture and your health. Constant sitting in one place can lead to numerous aches and pains. Not to mention, a sedentary job can result in weight gain, high blood pressure, and heart problems. As a result, it is important for your health to make your workspace work for you. Here are four strategies you can use in your workspace to ensure you are protecting your wellness.

Adjustable Height Desks

When you sit behind a desk for eight hours a day, your back and spine suffer. It won’t be long until you will need to see a chiropractor for help relieving your misaligned spine. However, an adjustable height desk can help prevent the aches and pains associated with sitting for prolonged periods of time. The benefit of an adjustable height desk is that you can vary the height of your desk throughout the day. Essentially, you can spend part of the day sitting and another part of the day standing. This gives your back and spine a break and helps prevent tight muscles, sore shoulders, and neck pain.

Walking Breaks

Another great way to improve your wellness while working a sedentary job is through walking breaks. It is important to get up during the day and get moving. If you get the opportunity to go outside and take a quick walk, that is even better. Getting some fresh air not only helps with wellness, but it can also improve your mood. However, if you are not able to get outside, even taking a few moments to walk to the bathroom is better than nothing. At a minimum, you should take a short walk in the morning and in the afternoon to improve your posture and overall wellness.


Stretching is another good way to take advantage of your workspace to improve your wellness. While working, it is recommended that you do a few stretches every thirty minutes to loosen your muscles and prevent stiffness. If you struggle to remember to do stretches, you can set an alarm on your phone, watch, or computer to remind you. Some good stretches to do at your desk include chin tucks, shoulder blade pinches, arm stretches, and chest stretches.

Proper Posture

When you are sitting at your desk, it’s important to maintain proper posture. You should be aware of your posture throughout the day and check to see if you are following the proper techniques for an aligned spine. Your ears, shoulders, and hips should be aligned with each other. If you are slouching or leaning to one side, your muscles will tighten, and your spine will be out of alignment. You should also pay attention to your back and thighs. Your thighs should not be tight to the center of the chair. If they are, then you need to prop up your feet. Furthermore, your backside should be flush against the chair back, with the middle of your back slightly arched. If you need additional back support, you can get a pillow or arch support.

Adjustable desks, walking breaks, stretching, and proper posture can all help to ensure you are protecting your wellness in your workspace. If you are experiencing discomfort due to prolonged hours sitting at a desk, contact us at Lake Pointe Chiropractic for chiropractic care. Call today at 770-974-5215.