Feeling Unwell? Non-Invasive Diagnostic Tests Can Tell You Why

doctor holding a sign that say "no self diagnosis"

Feeling unwell can be a frightening experience. We tend to wake up in the morning assuming that our bodies will experience the world today the same way it did yesterday. When we realize something is different–whether it’s pain that wasn’t there before or a new food sensitivity–we know our bodies are trying to tell us something. Whether it’s a polite reminder or an urgent warning, it is a mystery and our first impulse is to find out what it is.

Dangers in Self-Diagnosis

It’s always tempting to diagnose yourself with an ailment when you feel unwell. Some ailments, like common colds and paper cuts, can indeed be diagnosed and treated at home with a good diet, good sanitation practices, and stress-reducing activities. Severe pain or serious illness, however, should never be self-diagnosed. Not only could you miss the actual cause of your problem, but you could also worsen the one you have with the stress that comes from worrying about a nonexistent problem.

Non Invasive Diagnostic Tests

Many people turn to self-diagnosis and self-treatment because of negative experiences. Often, diagnostic procedures are so invasive and uncomfortable that patients would rather suffer their symptoms than get the right diagnosis for them. What’s more, diagnostic techniques that require surgery carry risks like infection that many patients would rather avoid. Fortunately, non invasive diagnostic tests are readily available from practices like Lake Pointe Chiropractic and Wellness Center. These tests were developed based on the principle that the downside to diagnosis and treatment should never outweigh the benefits. They can help get you the treatment you need without subjecting you to stress, infection risk, and even more pain than you are already experiencing.

When your body feels unwell, it is always trying to tell you something. You could be allergic to something in your diet, or you could simply have a few bones out of their proper alignment. Either way, interpreting these messages correctly is essential to your health and well being.

Non Invasive Diagnostic Test Available

We have a number of non invasive diagnostic testing tools available at our office.  We have a new 3D foot levelers machine that shows foot arches and how your feet affect the rest of the body and how to correct them.  Also, we have a machine that scans antioxidant levels in the body. And, on occasion, we partner with other specialists in non invasive diagnostic testing who perform thermography, diagnostic ultrasound, and nerve conduction velocity (ncv) studies.

If you’re concerned about feeling unwell, contact us and find out more about our non invasive diagnostic tests.