DO NOT: Cancer Prevention List

DO NOT cancer prevention list
Become proactive in your health! Here are 7 essential DO NOT items to help you prevent cancer.

  1. DO NOT encourage inflammation.

    Inflammation occur when your immune system becomes over active. You can reduce inflammation by increasing your green veggies with juicing and adding fish oils to your diet.

  2. DO NOT increase insulin levels.

    Since sugar feeds cancer, eliminate sugar from your diet.

  3. DO NOT interfere with methylation.

    This is the biological cycle that manages a variety of bodily functions. Problems with methylation can cause issues with detoxification, immune function, DNA repair & energy production.

  4. DO NOT add to hormone imbalance.

    Hormones are messengers that speak to each other & to all systems of the body. Imbalance can cause cellular damage & increase your risk of breast cancer.

  5. DO NOT add foreign chemicals to your body.

    The average person has 200 foreign chemicals circulation in their body. These chemicals stress & exhaust the immune system.

  6. DO NOT cut back on sleep.

    Stress and lack of sleep can turn off cancer-protective genes, preventing the body from healing and repairing. Lack of sleep also slows down the detoxification process.

  7. DO NOT hold onto mental and emotional pain.

    The nervous system, immune system and our mental health is closely connected.

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